Franco Nevada Continued

Mining is risky. With a commodity output, they operate in an environment of perfect competition. It’s capital intensive and they don’t need to contend with depreciation alone, there’s also depletion. Pit walls can fall, people can get injured, and governments can penalize mines at will (nationalization, permitting, fines).

In a previous post I looked at Franco Nevada’s negative retained earnings and meager returns on capital invested. Given historic performance I thought it would be interesting to look at implied returns from prospective investments and the sensitivity of project failure.

Let’s say that Franco invests $250M in eight projects and the expected post-tax return is 4%. Well, what needs to go wrong to obliterate the return of the portfolio.

Well, this would do it:

  • 1 project fails immediately
  • 1 project fails at year eight
  • 1 project fails at year ten
  • 1 project ends two years early

What are the odds that this could happen? That’s an interesting question. It’s certainly higher than 5%. I imagine 50% is closer to reality. There’s also the impacts with grade issues and ramp up.

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